My research is published in top tier international journals in the fields of organisational behaviour and social science, including in the Financial Times 'top 50' list and the Chartered Association of Business School's prestigious 4* 'journals of distinction'.  My research was ranked as 'world leading' in the UK's 2014 Research Excellence Framework.

My recent articles include:

Leadership Development in Higher Education: A Literature Review and Implications for Programme Redesign >>

Dopson, S., Ferlie, E., McGivern, G., Fischer, M.D., Mitra, M., Ledger, J., & Behrens, S. (forthcoming). Higher Education Quarterly. DOI: 10.1111/hequ.12194.

Leadership development (LD) activity and its effectiveness has not been explored rigorously across changing university settings globally. As Higher Education (HE) settings change radically throughout the world, HE professionals are operating in more uncertain environments, and leaders are taking increasingly complex and diverse approaches to their leadership roles. LD activities therefore become important in supporting this highly complex context, yet little is known in the literature about LD and its impact in HE. We examine peer-reviewed work on LD in HE settings globally to understand what may be learned about its content, processes, outcomes and impact. Our results suggest the current literature is small-scale, fragmented and often theoretically weak, with many different and co-existing models, approaches and methods, and little consensus on what may be suitable and effective in the HE context. We reflect on this state of play and develop a novel theoretical approach for designing LD activity in HEIs.

The Silent Politics of Temporal Work: A Case Study of a Management Consultancy Project to Redesign Public Health Care >>

McGivern, G., Dopson, S., Ferlie, E., Fischer, M.D., Fitzgerald, L., Ledger, J., & Bennett, C. (2018). Organization Studies, 39(8): 1007-1030. DOI: 10.1177/0170840617708004.

In this article, we discuss temporal work and temporal politics situated between groups with different temporal orientations, arguing that attention needs to be paid to covert and unarticulated silent politics of temporal work. Drawing on a case study of a management consultancy project to redesign public health care, we explain how unarticulated temporal interests and orientations shape the construction of problems, which, in turn, legitimate tasks and time frames. We also show how task and time frames are temporarily fixed and imposed through boundary objects, and the way these may then be reinterpreted and co-opted to deflect pressure to change. Thus, we argue, unarticulated, covert and political temporal inter- dynamics produce expedient provisional temporal settlements, which resolve conflict in the short-term, while perpetuating it in the longer run.

A Growth Mindset Approach to Preparing Trainees for Medical Error >>

Klein, J; Clare Delany, C;  Fischer, Michael D; Smallwood, David; Trumble, Stephen, (2017). BMJ Quality & Safety, DOI: 10.1136/bmjqs-2016-006416.

As medical students transition to become trainee doctors, they must confront the potential for making medical errors.  In the high stakes environment of medicine, errors can be catastrophic, not only for the patient but for doctors themselves. Doctors have been found to experience guilt, shame, fear, humiliation, loss of confidence, deep concerns about their professional skills, and social isolation, effectively becoming the second victim of an error.

A global call for action to include gender in research impact assessment >>

Ovseiko, P.V. Greenhalgh, T., Adam, P., Grant, J., Hinrichs S., Graham, K.E.A., Valentine, P.A., Omar Sued, O., Boukhris, O.F., Olaqi, N.M., Al Rahbi, I.S., Dowd, A. Bice, S., Heiden, T.L., Fischer, M.D., Dopson, S., Norton, R., Pollitt, A., Wooding, S., Balling, G.V., Jakobsen, U., Kuhlmann, E., Klinge, I., Pololi, L.H., Jagsi, R., Lawton Smith, H., Etzkowitz, H., Nielsen, M.W., Carrion, C., PhD; Solans‐Domènech, M., Vizcaino, E., Naing, L., Cheok, Q.H.N., Eckelmann, B., Simuyemba, M.C., Msiska, T., Declich, G., Edmunds, L.D., Kiparoglou, V., Buchan, A.M.J., Williamson, C., Lord, G.M., Channon, K.M., Surender, R., & Buchan, A.M. (2016).  Health Research Policy and Systems, 14:50. DOI: 10.1186/s12961-016-0126-z.

Global investment in biomedical research has grown significantly over the last decades, reaching approximately a quarter of a trillion US dollars in 2010. However, not all of this investment is distributed evenly by gender. It follows, arguably, that scarce research resources may not be optimally invested (by either not supporting the best science or by failing to investigate topics that benefit women and men equitably)...

Knowledge leadership: Mobilising management research by becoming the knowledge object >>

Fischer, M.D, Dopson, S. Fitzgerald, L. Bennett, C. Ferlie, E. Ledger, J. and McGivern, G. (2016). Human Relations, 69(7): 1563-1585. DOI: 10.1177/0018726715619686. (FT Top 50; CABS 4*).

This article explores contrasting forms of ‘knowledge leadership’ in mobilising management research into organizational practice. Drawing on a Foucauldian perspective on power-knowledge, we introduce three axes of power-knowledge relations, through which we analyse knowledge leadership practices. We present empirical case study data focused on ‘polar cases’ of managers engaged in mobilising management research in six research-intensive organizations in the UK healthcare sector...

The Political Economy of Management Knowledge: Management Texts in English Health care Organizations >>

Ferlie, E. Ledger, J. Dopson, S. Fischer, M.D. Fitzgerald, L. McGivern, G. and Bennett, C. (2016), Public Administration, 94(1): 185-203. (CABS 4*)

Have generic management texts and associated knowledges now extensively diffused into public services organizations? If so, why? Our empirical study of English healthcare organizations detects an extensive presence of such texts. We argue that their ready diffusion relates to two macro-level forces: (i) the influence of the underlying political economy of public services reform and (ii) a strongly developed business school/management consulting knowledge nexus...

Resisting hybridisation between modes of clinical risk management: Contradiction, contest, and the production of intractable conflict >>

Fischer. M. D. and Ferlie, E. (2013), Accounting, Organizations and Society, 38(1): 30-49. (FT Top 50; CABS 4*). 

This article explores and explains escalating contradictions between two modes of clinical risk management which resisted hybridisation. Drawing on a Foucauldian perspective, these two modes – ethics-orientated and rules-based – are firstly characterised in an original heuristic we develop to analyse clinical risk management systems...

Organizational turbulence, trouble and trauma: Theorising the collapse of a mental health setting >>

Fischer, M. D. (2012), Organization Studies, 33(9): 1153-1173. (FT Top 50; CABS 4*)

Turbulence is usually considered a negative property of an organization’s environment. Yet turbulence is also a feature of an organization’s internal dynamics and may be useful for productivity. This article argues that interactions between the formal and informal management of trouble produce relational turbulence that may mobilize resources and collective action, or conversely lead to dysfunction and crisis...

Reactivity and reactions to regulatory transparency in medicine, psychotherapy and counselling >>

McGivern, G. & Fischer M. D. (2012), Social Science and Medicine, 74(3): 289-296. (CABS 4*)

We explore how doctors, psychotherapists and counsellors in the UK react to regulatory transparency, drawing on qualitative research involving 51 semi-structured interviews conducted during 2008-10. We use the concept of ‘reactivity mechanisms’ (Espeland & Sauder, 2007) to explain how regulatory transparency disrupts practices through simplifying and decontextualizing them, altering practitioners’ reflexivity, leading to defensive forms of practice...

Medical regulation, spectacular transparency and the blame business >>

McGivern, G. & Fischer, M. D. (2010), Journal of Health Organization and Management, 24(6): 597–610.

The purpose of this paper is to explore general practitioners' (GPs') and psychiatrists' views and experiences of transparent forms of medical regulation in practice, as well as those of medical regulators and those representing patients and professionals. The research included interviews with GPs, psychiatrists and others involved in medical regulation, representing patients and professionals...

The creation and survival of an Academic Health Science organization: Counter-colonization through a new organizational form? >>

Fischer, M.D. Ferlie, E. French, C. Fulop, N. & Wolfe, C. (2013), Saïd Business School Working Paper Series, WP 2013-26, University of Oxford, September 2013.

This paper describes and analyses the creation and development of an Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) as a major organizational innovation diffusing in the health knowledge economy, internationally. Drawing on an institutionalist model utilized in an earlier study of a failed merger in the USA (Kitchener, 2002), we explore empirically why the creation of this new AHSC in the UK produced very different organizational outcomes...


Affective overflows in clinical riskwork.  

Fischer, M.D. & McGivern, G. (2016), In Power, M. (ed) Riskwork: Essays on the organizational life of risk management.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Emotional-affective aspects of risk work are integral to risk management in many fields, particularly in human service organizations; yet rational notions of risk management often obscure these emotional-affective aspects.  In this chapter, we discuss the case of high risk mental healthcare (for people with personality disorders), characterised by both formal and informal risk management systems...

Epistemic fit and the mobilisation of management knowledge in healthcare.

McGivern, G. Dopson, S. Ferlie, E. Fischer, M.D. Ledger, J. Bennett, C. Fitzgerald, L. (2016), In Swan, J. Nicolini, D. & Newell, S. (eds) Mobilizing knowledge in healthcare: Challenges for management and organization. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

We discuss the mobilisation of management knowledge in health care, drawing on six qualitative case studies in a diverse range of health care settings. Drawing on theory about management knowledge and practices’ ‘fit’, and emergent theory about ‘epistemic stances’, we explain how cultural/institutional, political and epistemic fit and clashes between the norms, interests and epistemic stances of different communities affected knowledge mobilisation in these settings...


Exploring counter-programmatic spaces for developing leadership: A study of leadership development programmes at Saïd Business School

Fischer, M.D. Morris, T. Dopson, S.  European Group for Organizational Studies 32nd Colloquium. Naples, Italy, July 2016. 

- Best Paper Award Nominee

Generating a public sector knowledge strategy: An analysis of knowledge mobilization policy within and across the UK health sector

Fitzgerald, L. Dopson, S. Fischer, M.D. Ferlie, E. Ledger, J. McGivern, G.  European Group for Organizational Studies 32nd Colloquium. Naples, Italy, July 2016. 

Accelerating research translation in health care: The Australian approach. 

Dickinson, H., Fischer, M.D., Ledger, J. International Organization Behaviour in Healthcare Conference, Cardiff, UK, April 2016.

Exploring the early organizational development of an English Academic Health Science Centre.

Fischer, M.D. Ferlie, E. French, C. Fulop, N. & Wolfe, C. 10th International Organization Behaviour in Healthcare Conference, Cardiff, UK, April 2016.

Improving health care through relational regulation: The case of UK osteopathy.

McGivern, G. Fischer, M.D. Waring, J. Kiefer, T. Palaima, T. Spendlove, Z. Thompson, O. 10th International Organization Behaviour in Healthcare Conference, Cardiff, UK, April 2016.

- Highly Commended Paper


Fischer, M.D. Morris, T. Dopson, S. Asia-Pacific Researchers in Organisation Studies & European Group for Organizational Studies Conference, Sydney, Australia, December 2015. 

Affective mobilization in major institutional change: Creating an Academic Health Science Centre.  

Fischer, M.D. Ferlie, E. French, C. Fulop, N. & Wolfe, C. Academy of Management Proceedings 2015:1 12583. Vancouver, Canada, August 2015.

- Best International Paper, Health Care Management

- Carolyn Dexter Award Nominee

Inside the black box: Board observation in practice.  

Arnardottir, A.A. Fischer, M.D. & Martin, T.A.  Academy of Management Proceedings, 2015:1 11810. Vancouver, Canada, August 2015.

- Emerald Best International Symposium Award Finalist

‘Epistemi-temporal’ framing and ‘temporal loose coupling’ of organizational change: A case study of global management consulting in public health care. 

McGivern, G. Dopson, S. Ferlie, E. Fischer, M.D. Fitzgerald, L. Ledger, J. 7th International Process Symposium, Kos, Greece, June 2015.

Knowledge leadership: The (non-)mobilization of management knowledge in health care organizations.  

Fischer, M.D. Dopson, S. Fitzgerald, L. Bennett, C. Ferlie, E. Ledger, J. McGivern, G.  Academy of Management Proceedings 2014:1 15601. Philadelphia, USA, August 2014

The nonsense of unchallenged sensemaking: Elite management consultancy and social sensemaking of strategic change in the British National Health Service.  

McGivern, G. Dopson, S. Ferlie, E. Fischer, M.D. Fitzgerald, L. Ledger, J. International Organizational Behaviour in Health Care Conference, Copenhagen, April 2014

Leadership, logics and liminality: The creation and survival of an Academic Health Sciences Centre.

Fischer, M.D. Ferlie, E. French, C. Fulop, N. & Wolfe, C. Competitive Paper.  27th Australia & New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, Hobart, Australia, December 2013

- Awarded Best Health Management paper

- Awarded Best Paper in Health, Public Sector and Not-for-Profit

The hybridization or complementarity of knowledge? The role of knowledge leadership.  

Fischer, M.D. Dopson, S. Fitzgerald, L. Bennett, C. Ferlie, E. Ledger, J. McGivern, G. European Group for Organizational Studies 29th Colloquium. Montreal, Canada, July 2013

Enabling multidisciplinary teams to span organisational and sectoral boundaries for the improvement of patient care. 

Nasir, L.C. Thomas, P. Robert, G. Fischer, M.D. Norman, I.J. International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare.  London, April 2013

Getting beyond the tower of Babel? Disparate evidence based management(s) in health care.  

Ferlie, E. Dopson, S. Fitzgerald, L. Fischer, M.D. McGivern, G. Ledger, J. Academy of Management Proceedings 2012:1 12684.  Boston, USA, August 2012

Spanning boundaries between primary and social care: Examining knowledge exchange and the impact of integration efforts on healthcare quality.

Nasir, L.C. Robert, G. Fischer, M.D. Norman, I.J. 29th Conference of the International Society for Quality in Health Care.  Geneva, Switzerland, October 2012.

Professional regulation and transparency in a blame society.

McGivern, G. Fischer, M.D. Politics of Health Annual Conference, University of Oxford, September 2009.


The impact of leadership and leadership development in higher education: A review of the literature and evidence >>

Dopson, S. Ferlie, E. McGivern, G. Fischer, M.D. Ledger, J.  Behrens, S. Wilson, S. (2016). Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, London.

Exploring and explaining the dynamics of osteopathic regulation, professionalism, and compliance with standards in practice: Report to the General Osteopathic Council >>

McGivern, G. Fischer, M.D. Palaima, T. Spendlove, Z. Thompson, O. & Waring, J. (2015), Warwick Business School, The University of Melbourne Centre for Workplace Leadership, University of Oxford Saïd Business School, Nottingham University Business School & British School of Osteopathy.

Facilitating knowledge exchanges between health care sectors, organisations and professions: Studying boundary spanning processes and their impact on health care quality >>

Nasir, L. Robert, G. Fischer, M. D. Norman, I. Murrells, T. Schofield, P. (2013), National Institute of Health Research 09/2001/25.  NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research, volume 1, issue 7.

Health care managers’ access and use of management research >>

Dopson, S. Bennett, C. Fitzgerald, L. Ferlie, E. Fischer, M. D. Ledger, J. McCulloch, J. & McGivern, G. (2013), National Institute of Health Research, Service Delivery & Organisation Programme. Final Report. Project 08/1808/242.

Statutory regulation & the future of professional practice in psychotherapy and counselling: Evidence from the field >>

McGivern, G. Fischer, M. D. Ferlie E. & Exworthy, M. (2009), The Economic & Social Research Council Public Services Programme & King’s College London, London.

The Visible and Invisible Performance Effects of Transparency in Medical Professional Regulation: Full Research Report. 

McGivern, G. Fischer, M. D. Ferlie, E. & Exworthy, M. (2009), Economic and Social Research Council End of Award Report, RES-153-25-0095,  Swindon.